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Employer Services


Students For Hire!


If you are looking for spare pairs of youthful helping hands for your business, look no further and make your hire here!


We welcome employers to promote their graduate, part-time and/or internship opportunities to our undergraduate students and fresh graduates from various academic programmes. Our team at the Office of Student Success would be pleased to assist you in:


  • Promoting your employer brand: Recruitment booths, career talks
  • Recruiting the right people: Job and internship vacancy posting (online and on campus)
  • Selecting the suitable candidates: Application collection and screening support


For posting free job ads, or booking a slot to conduct an on-campus recruitment booth/ talk, please sign up below:


►Request Form for Posting Job/Internship Vacancies

►Request Form for an On-campus Recruitment Booths/Talks and Campus Interviews





Statutory Minimum Wage Exemption for Students


Under the Minimum Wage Ordinance, student employees could be exempt from the Statutory Minimum Wage subject to the relevant exemption criteria.  


For vacation employments (e.g., summer internships) that are not curriculum-related (credit-bearing), if the hires meet the criteria to be considered as "work experience students" under the Ordinance, they could be exempt from the Statutory Minimum Wage for one continuous period of "exempt student employment" of up to 59 days each year.  Our Office will provide confirmations of student status for "work experience student" on request.  For details, please see the Labour Department's Notes for Student Employees and Employers.



Centennial College Mentorship Programme


The Mentorship Programme is established to provide our students a chance to look beyond the classroom and learn from Mentors who are from various backgrounds and expertise.  This Programme also provides Mentors and Mentees an opportunity to experience a special life interaction and through such a unique bonding that both could be benefited. 
We believe that the Mentorship Programme creates a platform for a win-win relationship.  Mentees could develop interpersonal skills, gain insights and understanding of the workplace as well as the society.  As Mentors, you would gain satisfaction in mentoring enthusiastic young people who will subsequently make contribution to the society. 


►Programme Overview - for Mentors (2017-18)

Recruitment of Student Mentees (2017-18)